Water Filters: Harmful or Useful?

Many people wonder: are water filters useful or harmful to our health? The answer to this question is pretty simple – filtrated water is helpful for human health. In this article, we are not going to focus on a specific manufacturer of water filters. Our main goal is to figure out how effective and safe water filters are in general.

The confidence that water filters are more helpful than harmful is based on the fact that every filter is made to clean the water from admixtures and unhealthy substances. This is the main aim of using water filters. In other words, such usual tool as a filter is a great helper, it saves people from different bacteria which can be found in tap water.

How Does Water Filter Work?

We have already figured out that water filters are more healthy than harmful, so the next question is:

Is the Construction of Water Filters Safe Enough? There is no doubt that filters are more useful when they cope with the task – cleaning the drinking water from admixtures and harmful substances.

Unfortunately, certificated filters used for householding needs are able only to clean the water from various types of pollution. Due to that, before you are going to buy any kind of filter, it is necessary that you should figure out the quality of your tap water. All the filters installed at home or in your office are able to clean only the circulating water. In case if the water stops circulating, for example during the repair work or shutdown in the night, the growth of bacteria starts in the filter`s cartridge. Bacteria can increase in the filter and pollute the water. Also, it is important to note that consumer isn`t able to understand that his filter became dangerous for him. So, if you have any hesitations contact the specialist to examine your water filters.

Let us have a look at different types of water filters available on the market.

Under the Sink Water Filter System. Such filters require under the sink installation with the stand-alone tap for filtrated water. Filter system clean the water in several steps: first – water is cleaned from sand and dirt; second – salts, chlorine and organic substances; finally – water is cleaned from the unpleasant smell. Such filters are working due to the pressure in water pipes. Water filter systems provide cleaner water than coolers do. Sometimes filtration systems are supplied with ultraviolet lamps to make the cleansing process complete.

Water Coolers are automatic cleaning systems. Such tools require the water pipes` and electricity connection. Firstly, water comes to the container, then it goes through the filtration cartridges and finally pours into the storage. Water coolers clean the water from chlorine and admixtures, but they don’t work with hard water.

Water Softeners are created to soften the hard water. They work due to the chemical reaction which makes water softeners sensitive to pressure and temperature changes. Pressure and temperature stability are essentials for ions which soften the water.

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