Types of Exercises on Yoga Mats

Yoga is one of the six orthodox philosophical schools that appeared in ancient India. However, in our days, yoga has received a somewhat different, more simplified meaning. Modern yoga practices are more of a recreational nature and are advertised by numerous fitness centers as an effective way of maintaining healthy and excellent physical shape.

So, if you decide to open a yoga studio, first of all, you need to decide on the direction of yoga. There are several major schools of yoga. The most common is hatha yoga, a teaching whose goal is the acquisition of harmony, balancing the energy, which is accomplished through physical exercises and meditations on yoga mats. Hatha yoga is considered the lowest, basic stage for other types of yoga, it is a part of raja yoga and prepares the body for the spiritual side of this practice. Hatha Yoga includes physical and breathing exercises, cleansing of the internal organs, training in proper nutrition, and the ability to relax.

The main goal of the Raja Yoga classes is to attain the control of the mind through meditation. The goal of practicing kundalini yoga is to awaken the divine energy of Kundalini. It includes reading mantras, meditating, breathing and relaxation practices, as well as physical exercises.

Another popular direction is Ashtanga Yoga, which includes eight stages - a series of consecutive postures, breathing techniques and concentration of attention.

In Iyengar Yoga, the focus is on the position of the body on yoga mats, which is necessary for harmonious development and gaining anatomical perfection. This is achieved through the adoption of certain poses (asanas).

Prana Yoga is a kind of yoga based on breathing exercises that allow you to control the vital energy of Qi.

Sahaja Yoga is a method of meditation which helps you to achieve the inner balance of the emotional, physical and mental state. And, finally, Agni Yoga is the religious and philosophical doctrine of life.

There are other, more modern modifications of the ancient practices. For example, a new training system, called "anti-gravity yoga", belongs to such systems. This set of exercises was developed a couple of years ago by the dancer and gymnast Christopher Harrison. But even in this short time, anti-gravity yoga has won a large number of fans in Europe, the US and Canada.

Experts believe that this direction has great potential. Classes of anti-gravity yoga are held not on yoga mats, but in special hammocks (swing), which are suspended under the ceiling of the hall. It is a simplified version of the trapeze, on which the gymnasts work in the air.

Of course, Harrison’s brainchild has little to do with traditional yoga. It can be called a certain type of fitness training for lovers of everything unusual with the elements of yoga. In particular, some complex (including "inverted") asanas are performed on hammocks, which would be difficult to perform without such a supporting element. The name of this direction is due to the fact that when practicing yoga using such unusual workout equipment as hammocks, a person does not have contact with a solid surface of the floor or walls, which creates a feeling of floating in the air.

As a result of such training you can learn to manage your entire body, improve coordination of movements, strengthen and develop all the major muscle groups. It should be mentioned that antigravity yoga has a number of contraindications. It is not recommended for patients with hernia, high blood pressure, injuries of the musculoskeletal system. However, the hammock itself can be used not only for active activities, but also for relaxation.

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