Ways of saving electricity while using different appliance

Mostly always after buying some appliances we are not reading the most important information about it, that is written in the instruction. Some of them are very simple, but anyway we are continuing to think why our appliances break or don't work correctly. Here ape presented just several most important rules, which everyone needs to know and follow.

• If you are putting the refrigerator next to a stove or heating system, electricity consumption will increase by several times, as the device will have to operate in emergency mode to maintain the desired temperature. The same goes for the moments when you put in the refrigerator hot food.
• Also, do not forget to defrost it when the time comes, because of the presence of ice on the walls of the freezer energy consumption increases by 15-20 %.
• If your dishwasher or washing machine has an option of half-cleaning definitely use it!

These pieces of advice are very easy to follow. But they will help you to save your money.

If you want to know more about the simplest ways to save your money and energy read this article.

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