Installation of energy saving windows

It makes no sense to speak about unstoppable rise of electricity, housing and communal services bills and prises on all types of fuel. Prices are rising so fast that you only need to keep up with them! Therefore, the problem of energy saving has become one of the most important for Canada. Read more about activities aimed at renewable energy products and energy efficient technologies promotion.

Residents of Toronto know firsthand about winter frosts. Of course, winter weather is not always accompanied by severe frosts. But, on the other hand, is slushy winter better? It is still cold, damp, and chilly outside... And it is so nice to come home, especially if it is warm and cozy. Today, heat-and energy-saving features of the window are very important to consumers, because from 37% and up to 56% of heat is lost through the window. That is the main reason why Toronto dwellers think about their old frames replacement on new energy efficient units.

Heat-saving properties are largely dependent on the type and quality of the profile, but it takes only a small part of the window opening area. All the rest of the space is occupied by glass-unit, and mainly its characteristics determine how comfortable will it be in the house in winter. You should always remember about full compliance with replacement procedure as proper installation is also one of the main factors for energy saving.

Energy-saving glass is a glass with a thin, virtually invisible coating having the properties to transmit visible sun light and solar heat - infrared shortwave radiation and reflect back into the room infrared short-wave radiation, which is emitted by objects heated to a room temperature.

Thus, the problem of heat loss through the windows is perfectly solved trough installation of sealed glass units with energy-efficient glass, which prevents the loss of heat, re-radiating (i.e., reflecting it back into the room). This occurs because the surface of the glass is coated with thin layer of metal oxides (k-glass) or alternating layers of silver and dielectrics (i-glass).

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Read about the advantages of energy-saving glass units.

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