The advantages of energy-saving glass units

Some skeptics are confident that there is no need to pay more for so-called energy-saving windows. Let us list some advantages of energy saving windows to prove them wrong.

Single-chamber glass unit with energy-saving glass has improved thermal insulation characteristics compared to conventional one-chamber window. Besides, it is much cheaper than double-chamber conventional window and accumulates additional savings on space heating. Thanks to its light weight, energy-efficient single-chamber glazing creates less stress on the hardware sash, thereby extending the service life of the window. Such units protect wallpaper, paintings and carpets from fading.

Installation of modern glass units helps to create comfortable climate in the window area. Since the surface of glass is warm, the window area is best suited for working place creation or pot cultivation. To summarize, the use of low-E glass greatly reduces heat loss. To be exact, heat-saving glass can reduce energy loss by more than 70%. Find more information about energy saving windows installation.

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