Solar Water Heaters

Did you know that your electric water heater can account for up to 30% of your entire electric bill?  Not only do you have to heat the water, but you also have to keep it hot throughout the course of the day and night so that it's available when you need it.  A solar water heater from can save you this 30% by using the sun to heat your water with no out of pocket expense! Call plumber in Toronto who can tell you everything about this new service for your house today for details! 

Diagram of Open Water Heating 

The picture above shows a typical roof-mounted solar hot water collector. A solar water heater is "passive" in that it does not actually create electricity.  What it does, however, is collect the warmth from the sun to heat the water for your use. These systems are 85% efficient in converting solar energy into hot water and are an important part of any energy-efficient home.  Your solar water heater system includes a new high-efficiency tank at no additional charge.

  Below is a diagram of a roof-mounted open solar water heating system.

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