Residential Solar Applications

Solar electric power systems (PV), solar water heaters, and solar pool heaters are all available to help offset the cost of energy use in your home.  The resulting reduction in your electric bill will increase as the cost of electricity increases in your area in upcoming years. All residential solar applications in Florida are exempted from sales and property taxes. Installations will not increase your tax bill in any manner!

Solar electric systems generate power for use in your home, reducing or eliminating your electric bill and reducing your carbon footprint.  Solar photovoltaic systems are eligible for Florida state rebates of up to $20,000 per household; the homeowner receives a rebate of $500 for a solar water heater.  Both systems enjoy a Federal income tax credit of 30% of your full investment, including installation for either system.  There is no limit to the amount of the Federal Tax Credit.  Solar pool heaters are eligible only for a Florida state rebate of $100.

For a more detailed description of all incentives both Federally and by state and city visit

The Florida Public Service Commission enacted net metering in 2008.  Net metering requires all public utilities to install a special electric meter on your home which will credit you for all the energy you produce above and beyond your household use from your solar electric system!  If you have produced an overall excess during the year, you will receive a check in January for the excess energy produced.

 An example of how these State and Federal incentives effect your investment in a residential solar electric system is shown below. The National Renewable Energy Labotory (NREL) recently surveyed the average cost nationwide for an installed solar electric system. They determined that the average was $8.32 per watt DC. This is the figure that we will use in this example for a 5kw residential system. Keep in mind that this is not a quote.

Total Initial Investment ($8.32 x 5000) =       $41,600

Florida State Rebate ($4.00 x 5000)  =       ($20,000)

Federal Tax Credit (.30 x $41,600)     =       ($12,480)

 Your Net Investment         =     $9,120

 Savings/Investment=$1080/$9120 =11.8% Return Year 1

Compare that with your CD, money market or even stock market returns and you'll agree solar is a great investment. And this ROI will rise each year as electric rates increase!!!!

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