Commercial Solar Applications

Solar electric power systems, solar water heaters, and solar pool heaters are available for commercial installation and are eligible for quite favorable incentive programs and federal tax treatment.  All solar systems scale up well to address the larger usage requirements generally encountered in commercial situations.

Solar electric power (PV) systems qualify for a Florida state rebate of up to $100,000 at the rate of $4.00 per watt.  Federal incentives include a 30% investment tax credit or the option of a 30% federal grant from the Department of the Treasury for the entire installed system, less the  state rebate.  Additionally, solar installations are eligible for a 50% bonus depreciation in the first year, including the cost of a new roof if necessary for the solar installation. Solar water heaters (solar thermal) systems qualify for the 30% federal benefit and a Florida state benefit of $15.00 per 1,000 BTU up to a maximum of $5,000. See for complete details.

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